Ying Wei DongResearch Technician(previous lab member)

Ying Wei Dong (Edison) received his BSc (specialization in Chemistry) from the University of Alberta in 2008. His background in analytical chemistry and applied research has given him a real motivation and enthusiasm to expand his knowledge into systems biology. He has been working on the Biofluid team as a chemistry technician since 2008 and actively involved in a number of projects, such as TMIC, Novel Biomarker, and Bovine Projects. He has a good deal of experience in handling various biofluid and biohazard samples for metabolomics experiments and analysis and completing NMR assignments and profiling. He is responsible for conducting various analytical and spectroscopic experiments to perform advanced metabolomics studies, including working with “omics” (i.e. metabolomics, genomics and proteomics) data. He works on chemical nomenclature, compound purification and separation. He is also in charge of the Human Metabolome Library, being responsible for sample ordering, preparation, distribution and shipment