Souhaila BouatraAnalytical Chemist(previous lab member)

Souhaila Bouatra (Analytical Chemist) received her MSc in Applied Chemistry; Organic Chemistry, Catalysis and Environment in 2002 at the University of Poitiers in France. In 2006 she received her PhD in Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry from the University of Paul Sabatier-Toulouse in France, during her doctoral research, she worked on the elaboration of new matrials based on the synthesis and the studies of the characteristics of novel nano-structures based on porphyrins and usable as molecular devices. In earlier 2007, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow on the Synthesis of 15N-Labeled Nanotubes for Characterization by High Field NMR Spectroscopy at the National Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Alberta. She joined the Pan-Alberta Metabolomics Platform team in October 2007 and was involved in separation and quantification of water-soluble metabolites, lipids and labeled metabolites by fluorescent reagent in biofluids and plant materials, by using different techniques (NMR, GC-MS, HPLC/UV/FD). Currently, she is working as analytical chemist for The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC). Her duties are the development of analytical protocols by using GC-MS, HPLC/UV/FD, performing experiments on NMR instruments for different biofluids and plant materials, and analyzing data for clients and collaborators.