Marcia LeVatteScientific writer/editor

Wishart lab Start date (mm/year): Oct.2014-Sept.2018; April 2020-

PhD in Microbiology, Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, University of Calgary

Research interests
My research interests are quite broad and have evolved with my current position as a scientific writer and editor for Dr. Wishart. I currently write, critique, edit and proofread manuscripts written by Wishart’s staff, write LOIs, EOIs, letters to donors, project summaries, database annotations and parts of and/or full grant proposals. I have a greater appreciation for cattle ranching and dairy farming, the quality of Alberta soils, and the extensive literature reviews and annotations that are required for development of web-friendly databases and software. I am interested in learning/researching about cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, IEMs, precision nutrition and NMR-based metabolomics in addition to the development of point-of-care assays, protein purification strategies and enzymology. I started working for Dr. Wishart as a research assistant and earned a position as a Research Associate in my last year working on the bench. I purified from E. coli a more water-soluble Abeta1-42, associated with Alzheimer’s disease. I created a working, cell-free protein synthesis system in E.coli. I developed a paper and paperless point of care assay to detect vitamin C in urine and submitted a patent application for these assays though TEC Edmonton. I worked with Matthias Lipfert to investigate, using protein-NMR, ligand binding with a monomeric superoxide dismutase 1 that I purified from E.coli.