Yannick DjoumbouPh.D. Candidate(previous lab member)

Yannick Djoumbou Feunang is currently a PhD student, who joined the Wishart lab in 2009 after graduating in Computational Biology (MSc, and BSc) at the Saarland University in Germany. In the Wishart lab, he has been involved in metabolomics and cheminformatics related projects, including T3DB, DrugBank, HMDB, ECDB, and YMDB.

Currently, Yannick is focusing on the development of a framework for automatic and efficient structure-based taxonomic classification of chemical entities. Because of the explosive increase of available chemical data, this represents a key step in the large-scale annotation of small molecules. The outcome would find applications in the domains of metabolomics, drug design, chemical biology, toxicology, and chemogenomics among others.